About us

We are a company that specializes in the growing and exporting of tulip bulbs for the forcing of tulips.
We are situated in Dirkshorn (The Netherlands) from where we work on supplying our customers in Eastern Europe. We have our own sales offices in Poland and Ukraine.
We deliver a high quality product at a fair price for our customers and thus have achieved a competitive place in the flower bulb market in Eastern-Europe. Our biggest strength is that we produce a large part of the product ourselves on our own fields.
Our several decades of experience in growing flower bulbs guarantees high quality. We share our experience freely with our clients and help them maximize the quality in their greenhouses.
Tulips are our main export product, but we also deliver daffodils, gladiolus, hyacinths, crocuses and irises.

Advantages of working with us

Own flower bulb production

Competitive prices

Family business

Decades of experience

Quality control

Tracking each order

Local Support

Help in growing


If there is a problem, we solve it

Regional offices

Easy communication & quick response
Tulip bulbs produced every year
Years export to Eastern Europe
Generations of experience
Hectares of flower bulb fields
Clients in Eastern Europe
Dedication to our clients
Our team
Why professionals choose us

What our clients say about us

StoKolex is seriously interested in providing recommendations on how to improve our own production processes

StoKolex delivers a quality product grown on its own fields, they are a producer themselves with a lot of experience from which we can learn

Since we started working with StoKolex the quality of our products has improved and our business shows a stable growth